Hey, friend!

I’m Laurel Jean: writer, farm girl, and sunrise connoisseur… but most importantly, disciple of Christ.

A Bit of History

I grew up in the gorgeous bluffs of Minnesota on my family’s dairy farm. Growing up, some of my very favorite pastimes were reading, writing, scrambling around on adventures in the pasture, and talking to myself.

Not much has changed, really.

After a lifetime of home education, I graduated from high school in 2020, and began the adventure which is now my everyday life – feeding cows on my family’s dairy farm, and… WRITING.

What I write

Well, obviously, I write on this blog. Here I chat about writing and my observations and thoughts on life. I also share about the books I’m reading… look out for some book reviews!

Ultimately, my dream is to publish novels in the fantasy and historical fiction genres. I have a few ideas up my sleeve, and so I’m working on honing my skills as a novelist, getting ready to someday introduce my books to the world.

I also dabble in poetry on the side… so look out for some of that, too.

Why I write

Let’s admit it – writing is not always a breeze. Some days it would be easier to bang my head against a wall than to actually sit down and write coherent – let alone beautiful – literary works.

So what’s the fire in my belly?

I’ve learned that stories and words are powerful – so powerful. The words of others have changed my life, and I want to use my words to change the lives of others – in effect, changing the world.

My deepest desire for my writing is that it would draw others nearer to God, challenge them to surrender their all to Him, and help them stand in awe of the ultimate Author of their stories.