when i don’t know my heart…

i rest in the God who created, understands, and protects it. the God who directs like the rivers of water the heart of the king is the God with me before me behind me above me beneath me within me loving me chasing me holding me bracing me saving me from my fears from the […]

Let’s do a music swap!

Who doesn’t like a good song or two or ten? Here are some of my recent favorites… God is Good – Francesca Battistelli (This one just came out the other day… and I love it so much.) Burn the Ships – for KING & COUNTRY Speechless – Naomi Scott Carry You – Ruelle Help is […]

I’m getting published!!!

Guys… one of my poems is going to be published in this gorgeous book!!! Am I bouncing off the walls? Maybe. What Darkness Fears is releasing on October 13th… but preorders are now live! Preorder your copy here… and get some bonus preorder goodies! Here’s the blurb: Light Dawns in Darkness Even in the darkest […]

Highlights, Recent Reads, and Journal Snippets – August 2021

Without any ado… *realizes that may be rather rude and abrupt and runs back to apologize* *awkwardly explains that every. single. month. goes by so fast and is full of amazing things, but saying that in every. single. one. of these posts gets repetitive, and isn’t saying nothing better than being boring?* *smiles and waves […]

I’ll Hold Him – Flash Fiction

Everyone says he’s too big for me to carry now. It’s probably true. His legs in his favorite Superman pajama pants (the ones that are way too short and ragged) dangle past my knees when I carry him piggyback, and I can’t run with him like I used to. But I’ll carry him until he […]

1 year blogiversary + a few post roundups

It’s been over a year now since I started this blog! I thought it might be fun to celebrate by rounding up a few posts from the past year… so let’s do this! Ranking is based on the number of times each post was viewed.:) Top 5 posts Singin’ in the Rain Being a Christian: […]

Collab with Last Year’s Self

I just found a blog post I wrote last fall and never published. A snippet of it really resonated with me today… so here it is in italics, with today’s thoughts following: I don’t want to be the person I’ve been lately. I don’t want to be the sister who is so disorganized about her […]

Edits and Life

When I began edits on my novel a couple months ago, I started at chapter one, pen in hand, ready to take notes about what needed to be changed/eliminated/polished. Not even halfway through the book I was nauseated, with pages and pages of my failures spread before me. I saw my story as worthless. Unredeemable. […]

July 2021 Review

Hello, friends! This July was incredible! It wasn’t all sunshine and roses… but I feel like it was so full of raw, beautiful life. I’ve really enjoyed looking back over the month, reviewing all the excitement that made it so beautifully messy and memorable. Here’s some of it! Highlights of the month Working in the […]

In which I share my new favorite poem and ask for poetry recommendations

That moment when you’re reading a piece of poetry… and your heart starts crying in the weirdest mixture of joy and sadness and your mind screams, “Yes… yes… yes!!! That’s right!“ That’s the moment I had earlier this afternoon when I read… goodbyes. Please, guys, go check it out. It’s beautiful. It’s difficult (for me […]


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