What I’ve Been Reading (+ Journal Snippets!)… October 2020 Edition

Good morning, all! Unbelievably, October is nearly over… which means it’s time for a review of my literary diet this month. Quite honestly, I’m not very proud of the amount of reading I did this month. For writers, reading is like fueling up… so I guess I’ve been running close to empty for basically the […]

You May be a Writer If… (2nd Edition)

The last post I did on this topic was so much fun… I wanted to do it again! Hopefully you don’t mind.:) You may be a writer if… …you’re an avid people watcher, and are shocked out of your skin when someone tells you they don’t even know what people watching is. “Wait, what??? You […]

Singin’ in the Rain

Happy Thursday, friends! I have to admit… this morning didn’t feel so happy. In case you don’t know, I get to feed the cows on my family’s farm. Sometimes I just show up and plow through the feeding routine as planned… but today there was a little hiccup. The tractor I use for feeding had […]

Generations – A Poem

My latest poem… tell me what you think of it! A torrent of green They burst on the scene- Ready to take on the world. Confident – oh, so Confident They Could change the world with Their song. So they did. What once was a forest of Bleak Monochrome Soon became an explosion of Verdure. […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Focus On Tough Writing Days

Can we all agree that distraction is one of a writer’s most common and deadly foes? Here are some habits that help me stay focused on difficult writing days. 1.) Make a list. It doesn’t have to be elaborate! Even if you have only one or two things on your writing agenda, write them down. […]

No Condemnation

To be honest… Some days I get so frustrated with myself for not being the person I want to be. Being me, I mess up, then start throwing accusing questions at myself. Why can’t I get my life figured out? Why did I do such an awful job at work today? Why can’t I live […]

The Unexpected Journey of a Letter

Over a year ago I wrote my brother a letter. For awhile we were on a letter-writing spree, and this letter was simply a response to one of his. Nothing too out of the ordinary… Yet something felt different about this one. I don’t usually save copies of the letters I write, but for some […]

The Great Exchange – A Poem

I wrote this little poem as a prayer to the Lord nearly two and a half years ago. It’s so wonderful to know that God can redeem each broken piece I surrender to Him… and that He won’t tire of giving me His grace. He is incredibly good! I come Torn Broken With no words […]

What I’ve Been Reading – September 2020 Edition

Hey, guys! I just wanted to pop in today to share with you a taste of what I got to read this September. Please note: I did NOT read all of these books cover to cover… I’m just saying I got to spend some glorious time in them last month. 🙂 Enjoy! Books The Bible […]


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