No Condemnation – Repost

Hey, friends! I originally shared this post last autumn… but it came to mind this morning. I needed to read it again today. Who knows… maybe you do, too! If that’s the case, then here it is.:) To be honest… Some days I get so frustrated with myself for not being the person I want […]

crumbling – a poem

oh, i need You! every hour i do, but it’s here in these frail, crumbling moments when my courage is dying that i lay down the weights and let my muscles tremble in Your arms. it’s here at the end of my frayed, weathered rope when i fear the next step that i lay down […]

October Memories – 2021

Ah! Finally an October recap! My blogging schedule has slipped a little bit recently… but I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things here again! Things worth remembering… Delicious and ginormous tomatoes from the garden Walks with my sister Putting together an aesthetic collage for the novel I worked on this summer Making […]

He is good.

My life. My hopes. My plans. My dreams. When they fall apart, I fall apart. Why? Because they’re failing me. They’re discouraging me. They aren’t giving me a sense of achievement, fulfillment, satisfaction. Somewhere along the way I forgot why I have this life, anyway… why I hold these hopes, scribble these plans, fight for […]

This Is Over – Flash Fiction

Gulping in desperate breaths of air, she slowed her pace, eyes darting across the shadowed forest that hunched along either side of the crooked path. No moving shadows. And there was the stump – standing weary guard over long-kept secrets. Secrets that must be no more. Her muddied boot slipped on the edge of the […]

The Bookworm’s Tag

Recently JadeSky from Stepping Stones Book Reviews tagged me for the Bookworms Tag… thank you, friend! JadeSky asked some pretty awesome questions, so let’s dive right in! What book would you recommend to a random stranger (just because you love it so much)? Why? The Bible!! Definitely the best book I’ve ever read.:) I have […]

Highlights, Recent Reads, and Journal Snippets – September 2021

Yet another epic month in the books… Highlights Random thoughtful notes from family + friends Not overturning a canoe Working on the farm Discovering an affection for the word hobnob Learning that eight pots of mums fit quite nicely in a Walmart shopping cart Creating bookmarks Finally coming to terms with the arrival of autumn […]

when i don’t know my heart…

i rest in the God who created, understands, and protects it. the God who directs like the rivers of water the heart of the king is the God with me before me behind me above me beneath me within me loving me chasing me holding me bracing me saving me from my fears from the […]

Let’s do a music swap!

Who doesn’t like a good song or two or ten? Here are some of my recent favorites… God is Good – Francesca Battistelli (This one just came out the other day… and I love it so much.) Burn the Ships – for KING & COUNTRY Speechless – Naomi Scott Carry You – Ruelle Help is […]

I’m getting published!!!

Guys… one of my poems is going to be published in this gorgeous book!!! Am I bouncing off the walls? Maybe. What Darkness Fears is releasing on October 13th… but preorders are now live! Preorder your copy here… and get some bonus preorder goodies! Here’s the blurb: Light Dawns in Darkness Even in the darkest […]


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