Favorite Songs of 2021 – 1st Edition

Earlier this year I shared some of the songs I enjoyed in 2020… so I thought I’d do that for 2021, as well. Instead of doing a big ginormous post at the end of the year, though, I thought I would spread out the joy a bit and share some of the songs now. Also, […]

Three-Year-Old Poem

First of all, the photo has absolutely nothing to do with this poem. But who doesn’t like knotholes on old doors?:) As the title says, I wrote this poem three years ago this spring. At the time, it was my pride and joy. While I can now see many of its flaws, it still holds […]

Eternity – A Guest Post by Last Year’s Self

Happiest of Mondays, all! Last week I was working to eliminate the unnecessary blog post drafts I had on my computer (think around 70!?!) and stumbled upon this piece I wrote last May. I published it on my other blog last year, but thought that – with an edit or two – it could stand […]

Recent Reads, Journal Snippets, + Highlights of March 2021

April… it’s here. Hooowwwww??? March 2021 was an epic month for me. Some pretty exciting and awesome stuff happened… plus some not so awesome but still exciting stuff. Here ’tis. Highlights of the Month Watching medieval sword fights in the name of research Reading and writing outside! Trying to contain ridiculous amounts of laughter while […]

Reflections Blog Tag

Last week I was tagged by JadeSky over at Stepping Stones Book Reviews for the Reflections Blog Tag! The rules: Thank the person who tagged you (Thank you so much, JadeSky! I’m excited to do this.:) ) Share 8 things that God has blessed and/or taught you in 2020 Tag 5+ bloggers Let’s get started, […]

(Very!!!) Exciting News + Another Poll

Yo! Yesterday, for the very first time in the history of ever, I finished the first draft of a novel!!! I may be slightly excited.:) I started working seriously on this project in August of 2020. I had no idea of what lay ahead! The process was much more challenging than I had anticipated it […]

For Being Scared – Flash/Fan Fiction

Happy Monday, all! So today’s piece of fiction is half flash fiction, half fan fiction. Flash fiction because… it’s short. Fan fiction because the two characters featured in this scene are from the novel I’m writing! (Can you write fan fiction for your own characters? I don’t know, but today we’ll pretend you can.:) ) […]


It’s a word that popped into my mind when I wanted to choose a few theme words for this year, and it’s a word that’s continued to force itself upon my consciousness throughout these months. Intentionality. I want it in my life as a Christian. I want it in my life as a daughter. I […]

Reluctant Hero – Installment #3

If you’ve enjoyed the previous Reluctant Hero stories… here’s the next one! Before dinner I was charged with the care of three hungry and clamorous little hooligans. Now after dinner I am charged with the care of three jelly-smeared and butter-bedecked clamorous little hooligans. Prospects are bleak. I have two hours to go. I s’pose […]

Thinking in the Tractor

Each week I’m blessed to have several hours of time alone on the farm while I’m mixing feed. Most of that time I spend creating stories I’ll never finish, giving inspirational speeches, or belting musical numbers at the top of my lungs. But sometimes I just think, and in the tractor today, a flood of […]


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