Another Poem

Hello, friends! Graduation – for me at least – is/was a bittersweet time. Yes, you’re saying goodbye to several things. But you’re also opening the door to SO much!! Soak it all in, graduates. Thank God for the past. Trust him for the future. This poem is for you.💕 I’m striking out into waters unknown […]


I wrote this flash fic piece from the perspective of one of my favorite characters in the novel I’m writing. And don’t worry… he’s gonna be okay.:) The room is warm. Stifling. I would open the window if the breeze wouldn’t carry the scent of lilacs and an onslaught of memories. I can’t sleep. I […]

Recent Reads, Journal Snippets, and Highlights of May 2021

The end of another month… and so we continue with not-long-standing tradition! Highlights running lunches to the fieldwork people – bonus when I got to take the four wheeler! chopping off… a lot… of my hair trying to write 1,000 words of my novel each weekday (it didn’t happen every day, but it definitely boosted […]


I’m struck by how often the Bible exhorts God’s people to remember what has happened in the past. This poem came from my thoughts on that.:) remember when you walked in that storm even though I said no that the rain clouds were close to you close and dark remember when I ran through the […]

Seek Out the Light

“God, I have no idea what I’m doing. I feel like I’m trying to walk in the dark.” Thankfully I’ve learned to habitually look at life’s uncertainties with excitement and wonder, viewing them as opportunities to see God’s matchless skills as a storyteller break through my confusion someday and amaze me. But the other day, […]

A Glimpse of Sky

I have a bit of flash fiction for you today! This piece is the first I’ve written in the dystopian genre… I knock lightly on the door, inserting the key labeled 1039 in the doorknob and twisting the deadbolt. The heavy metal barrier swings open, and I stare into a monochromatic room. The only splotch […]

Recent Reads, Journal Snippets, + Highlights of April 2021

Another April has come and gone… “and what will be the proof that it was here?” Fields greening under the joint effort of thunderstorms and sunlight. Planters and soil finishers emerging from the sheds to work in the fields. Bugs… because… there must be bugs. Also… these are the days we will long for. live […]

master of disguise

Happy Thursday, all! May I present to you… a poem. a master of disguise is staring down the tearful, trembling girl who whimpers in the mirror. “behave yourself… go out and show the world that you’re just fine.” a smile plastered for so long and with such skill oh, they can’t see the knot that’s […]

Writing/Life Update

Hello, peoples! I have no idea if anyone’s noticed, but I’ve been consistently posting on the blog here every Monday and Thursday since last August. Until this past Monday. Most of the years I’ve spent writing have been driven more by random bursts of inspiration rather than me sitting myself down and forcing myself to […]

The Day You Died for Me

Another poem for you today! The spikes they drive into Your handsAre pinning down the base demandsMy flesh makes of this life.Poured onto You is all the wrathI’ve pent up for myself – this bathOf pain was meant for me.WhippingsStabbingsPiercingsShame –HatredMaliceAwful stainsOf sin were bringing these on meBut You stepped in, said, “Let her free […]


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